Thursday, July 20, 2006

Obama Comes to Iowa

Obama Comes to Iowa

Heard this through the rumor mill, now official.

"Basically, my rule has been that if I can help in the 06 cycle, then I'm going to do it,” Obama said in an interview. “The only reason not to do it would be the symbolism of Iowa, which probably wasn't a good reason for us not to help out."

Barack Obama, Harkin Steak Fry.

Obama is very smart about his superstar status. Yes, I think he'd like to be president. He's like it bad enough that he's being smart about it. He could jump in now, zip to frontrunner status, and then crash before a single vote is cast. Instead he waits and leaves us wanting more. And that's what this trip is - just a teaser. The county chairs, courthouse candidates, and midlevel donors will be there, yearning. Then when the mere mortal nominee falters, they'll remember and say "GOD I wish Obama had run!"

2008? Nah. Groundwork for the future? Yep.

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