Monday, August 14, 2006

CQ Rates the Races

CQ Rates the Races

Nothing local striking my fancy this AM, but Congressional Quarterly has a national rundown:

All you can do, really, is figure out which way the wind is blowing. And the wind that’s blowing today has the GOP running, not walking, for protective cover. All current indicators suggest that the Big One — hurricane, tidal wave, tsunami or tornado; pick your own catastrophic metaphor — is gathering in the middle distance.

Republicans find themselves particularly vulnerable in the Midwest and Northeast, and they even have cause for worry in their geographic strongholds of the South and West. The only thing the GOP appears to have going for it right now is the fact that most voters have yet to tune in to the details of their upcoming electoral choices.

Obviously Braley-Whalen is near the top of the No Clear Favorite list. CD 3 is listed as Leans Dem and Dave Loebsack is on the map (though they're saying "needs money.") With three out of five and Terrace Hill open, looks like a hot year again.

The wave will save Boswell, who really should start considering a plan of succession. And if it crests high enough, it could drown Leach, too.

Enjoy the links to the race by race breakdowns:

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  • House: Northeast
  • South
  • Midwest
  • West
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