Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Filing Deadline Friday

Filing Deadline Friday

The state filing deadline is Friday and with the GOP's hole on the Secretary of State line plugged, the races have more or less taken shape.

Looks like fewer third party contenders this time. Governor is the must-run race because of the law requiring 2% for that office and president to get and keep party status (one of the stricter standards in the nation-and what does anyone know about the pending lawsuit?). Green Wendy Barth filed this week joining Socialist Workers contender Mary Martin on the ballot. The Greens don't seem to be contesting anything else; fellow blogger Brian Depew ran a decent race for Secretary of Ag four years ago, but he's now attending school out of state and Denise O'Brien is a green Dem down to the yard signs, calling for local hog lot control this week.

The Libertarians hadn't filed as of Tuesday afternoon but their site lists former congressional candidate Kevin Litten of Cedar Rapids as the gubernatorial contender. Earlier in the year they had petitions posted listing Fairfield city councilor Christy Welty as the nominee, and Litten for Secretary of State, but those were pulled. (The Iowa LP shuffled nominees and contests late in the game in 2002 as well.) They seem to have a slimmer slate than in past years as well, The only other races listed are one state rep race and state treasurer, which would make them Mike Fitzgerald's only opposition. Tom Miller and David Vaudt look to be getting completely free rides with no major or minor party competition. Perhaps the LP is in some disarray after this summer's major platform changes on the national level.

On the congressional side, three out of five races are two-way, with aforementioned Pirate James Hill running in the 1st CD and the Socialist Workers trying in the 3rd.

Meanwhile the Secretary of State's web site STILL isn't listing filings on their web site. They'd been doing it every election back to the Pate administration, but all they have this time is a list of primary winners. What's with that?

Sharing some Lieberman stuff:

  • Bob Geiger has a handy list of Democratic Senators who have endorsed nominee Ned Lamont - 25 so far including Tom Harkin. Four (excluding Joementum himself) have bolted the party and endorsed the de facto Republican.

  • Chris of MyDD and Matthew Gross are calling on Harry Reid to strip Lieberman of his committee assignments and Democratic seniority.
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