Thursday, September 14, 2006

Goodbye, Ann Richards

Goodbye, Ann Richards

One of the greats is gone; just think how different everything would have been if she'd been re-elected in 1994. Retrospectives from Dallas Morning News and Houston Chronicle.

Mostly just a link roundup this AM.

  • KCCI does a poll. 48-43 Culver and - this may be the first or even only poll on this race - Sec of State Dem Mike Mauro 43, GOP last-second carpetbagger Mary Ann Hanusa 31.

  • Chuck Grassley gets his copy of the GOP fall script:

    Grassley said Wednesday that criticism of the war in Iraq has a "demoralizing impact on our troops."

    But Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Ia., said in a sharply worded retort that Grassley's comments "are clearly part of a Republican election-season strategy."

    Said Harkin: "Republicans have been clear about their intent to politicize the national security issue in an attempt to divert the public's attention from the administration's failed leadership in Iraq and around the globe."

  • In Missouri Senate challenger Claire McCaskill makes a brilliant move:

    A local St. Louis television station was able to broadcast the Rams season-opener only because McCaskill bought the remaining 100 tickets, which resulted in the NFL lifting their local blackout rule. The station later aired a press conference where McCaskill gave the tickets to two charities.

    The bottom line: For $4400, McCaskill bought several hours of very good media coverage.

    Touches all the bases (sorry to mix my sports). Poor kids get a treat, casual voters who aren't tuned in yet actually notice this, female candidate seems like one of the guys, go team fight team yay team.

    Of course, no Wisconsin politician would ever be able to copy that play, because the Packers are ALWAYS sold out.
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