Monday, October 16, 2006

Debate Daily Double: Loebsack-Leach

Debate Daily Double: Loebsack-Leach

Back to back debates and I'm going to do some live blogging from the Blog HQ.

They're introing Leach with all his committe assignments and Loebsack with his academic credentials. Wonder if they wrote them themselves?

Leach first: Dickensian. Should change come from "extreme edge" or the "common sense middle (i.e. me)

Loebsack: Democrat is out of his mouth fast. Talks of Bush and congressional GOP, vs. hope and opportunity. Choices, not partisanship.

The question by question approach ain't working for me.

Loebsack has lots of details. Solid for single payer. Solid against border fence. Loebsack solid for Palestinian statehood and Bush has fumbled it. Whole problem is caught up in this issue. Iraq is taking away all the attention.

Leach is adopting a "on the one hand on the other hand" approach designed to make himself look "moderate." For example, he defends the border fence by arguing that it beats vigilantism and "I see no alternative." Leach is "open to a number of policies" over and over again. Playing into his usual "above the fray" persona. Bashing PACs - but how much does he loan his own campaign?

Both candidates are occasionally skipping rebuttal. Seems to be a very high-minded debate - looking forward to where the closing statements take it.

Loebsack: "Leach's first vote will be for Denny Hastert and for the Republican leadership. Mine will be for Democratic leadership." Leach has not held GOP leadership accountable. I have a health care plan, he does not.

Leach: Consider my record and approach to public service, decency and nonpartisanship. A couple jabs at "extremism" and lots of praise of moderation.

But the world doesn't work that way anymore, Jim.

Dave holds his own with Leach and looks credible, and every bit as serious.

No daily double after all. KWQC does not have streaming video up and KWWL isn't showing it.

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