Saturday, October 14, 2006



I can't remember exactly what the acronym means but it's something to with Joe Bolkcom's Bike Ride round Iowa City. We started with 30 bikers, 29 bikes (one tandem) and two canines.

More bikers than politicos on this ride, though we did have Mayor Ross Wilburn, Tom Gill from the Coralville City Council and Soil & Water candidate Terry Dahms. No press so this is likely to be the only written account of the event.

Ride was entirely within Senate District 39: City Park, down to Napoleon Park, over on Sycamore, up the soccer field trails, over to Scott Boulevard (the district line!) and back over toward Joe's house near 1st Avenue HyVee.

A few of us who wound up in front got sidetracked from the official route by inadvertently getting mixed up with another group of bikers, but most of us eventually wound up at Joe's house. I think we ended up with 29 bikers, 28 bikes, one dog. Ended up with a bucket pass for the Iowa City Bike Library (NOT the campaign), and then I embarked on JDSBRBH (John Deeth's Solo Bike Ride Back Home).

Stay tuned for the JJ updates.

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