Friday, October 13, 2006

Leach Gettin' Nervous?

Leach Gettin' Nervous?

Chris steers us to of all places the Leach site:

Noting that he has requested that outside parties not participate with independent expenditures in his Congressional race, Leach requested the party to cease and desist mailings in his district.

Leach noted that he was “appalled” by the negative nature of the material the party developed.

But if he wasn't worried, would he have bothered? Would the RPI have bothered with the mailing in the first place?

The piece I saw last night had the usual laughable crap, along the lines of "Loebsack loves terrorists." But the clincher was the fuzzy, 3/4 profile picture of Dave that made him look exactly like Vladimir Ilyich Loebsack.

UPDATE: MyDD moves race to "Tier 1.5 - Projected Gains: 3-5" (of 14). And another debate Monday...

My favorites are always the ads which are supposed to be negative but make ME like a candidate MORE.
Howard Dean is for gay marriage, abortion and socialized medicine!
Great! He's got MY vote!

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