Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Limbaugh Will Just Say He's Faking It

Limbaugh Will Just Say He's Faking It

Michael J. Fox is scheduled to campaign for Democratic gubernatorial nominee Chet Culver on Monday, aides to the actor and stem-cell research advocate said, drawing attention to the issue in the competitive campaign in Iowa...

See the ads running in Missouri and Maryland. Mojo Nixon was wrong: Michael J. Fox has a lot of Elvis in him. Every kid has heard his voice acting in cartoons, and every voting parent grew up with Marty McFly pushing that DeLorean to 88 MPH. Why is the GOP so foolish to attack someone who's as genuinely beloved as Fox?

I'd rather have Michael J. Fox campaigning for me than George W. Bush, the true anti-Elvis. So, apparantly, would Jim Nussle:

Nussle is not scheduled to be at (Bush's) Des Moines appearance, even though Nussle will be in town.

Republicans said Nussle had a scheduling conflict. At noon Thursday, he is slated to speak at the Rotary Club of Des Moines.

Regular Guy Quote Of The Day:

"I was there. I like football and I like girls. I don't have no apologies for that." - Rep Harold Ford Jr. (D-TN), quoted by the Memphis Commerical Appeal, on attending a Playboy-sponsored party at the 2005 Super Bowl.

The GOP is running attack ads on this but I think it WINS him votes. By the way Governor Vilsack, when are we getting that totally nude dancing you promised?

Speaking of that ad, its specter resurfaced this week in response to GOP claims that Culver has a Secret Plan To Bring Back Touch Play:

'This is crazier than 1998 and totally nude dancing,' said Gronstal, referring to an election-year claim by then-GOP gubernatorial candidate Jim Ross Lightfoot that a Senate vote by opponent Tom Vilsack meant there would be a proliferation of 'juice bars' if Vilsack were elected governor.

"Regardless of the outcome of this election, there is no way there are the votes in the Senate or in the House to reinstate Touch-Play. They know that, period, end of discussion. We're not going to flip the switch and turn these machines back on."

As for any alleged sweetheart settlements, the courts will figure all that out. The Touch Play "issue" is a desperate move by a desperate man.

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