Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Sales Tax Moves Forward

Sales Tax Moves Forward

So February 13 it is, putting Johnson County and Linn County on the same day for the school sales tax. Perhaps by that time we can go to the polls with a sense of what the new trifecta legislature will do with school funding.

Mike Gronstal will have a whole lot to say about that; The Overrated One pulls out the key quotes from a talk with Mike. No journalistic heavy lifting here, but a useful agenda outline.

Chris Woods does some extremely heavy lifting; I wish I had time to write at this length. It's titled “How Leonard Boswell was Saved by the Democratic Wave” and helps my case that Boswell should hang it up. Progressives need to get moving now so the seat is not taken over by an ambitious conservative Dem like Kevin McCarthy.

The only McCarthy I was concerned with last night was Mike McCarthy and the Packers; first chance I had to see a game in weeks and I jinxed Brett and the boys again. At least they had a few decent moments in the loss to the Seahawks.

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