Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Loebsack in Burlington

Loebsack in Burlington

The underrated Burlington Hawkeye has a nice Loebsack piece:

When Congress meets, Loebsack said he wants to sign onto bills that support a universal health care system, reform lobbying and ethics, cut student loan costs in half, increase the minimum wage by $2.10 an hour, reduce energy dependence and help workers.

Loebsack already signed on to the Employee Free Choice Act which helps workers to form, join or assist labor organizations without repercussions.

I need to get a little more diligent with checking the smaller Iowa papers. In the meantime Mike Carberry gets a hat tip.

Playing offense: Democraticavenger at MyDD has a Top 50 list of GOP house seats to target in `08. The very winnable Iowa 4 is on a couple of his lists. Even Steve King makes the list of incumbents below 60%, but that doesn't account for the Roy Nielsen moderate protest vote.

From the in box: A vigil is planned for the evening of the 3000th US military death in Iraq. Date to be announced but all too soon, time 6 PM. Clinton and Washington corner of the Pentacrest - that's across the street from Iowa Book.

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