Friday, April 20, 2007

Friday Peace Vigils

Ongoing: Friday Peace Vigils

Folks are still gathering every Friday night at the bus stop in downtown Iowa City for an ongoing weekly peace vigil from 5:15 to 5:45.

I don't get there often enough but last week I joined about 30 other folks. It's percussionny with drums and noisemakers, but relatively few chants. And those were simple: "STOP THE WAR!" No Hey-hey-ho-ho, no What Do We Want? ________! When Do We Want It? Now!

My sign said "Honk for Peace" and more did than didn't; the regulars said the honks, peace signs and friendly gestures have increased in recent weeks. Only down side: At 43, I was maybe the fourth youngest person there. And this is immediately adjacent to campus.

You should get there; you never know when it'll be the last one. Unfortunately, I suspect you'll have a chance till January `09.

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