Monday, April 30, 2007

News From The Ass

One Problem With Tabbed Browsing

If you have a lot of Firefox tabs open, as is my style, "News From The Associated Press" gets abbreviated as "News From The Ass". Also Iowa General Assembly... naah, cheap shot.

Not as bad as the nightmare of all broadcast journalists: a script that misspells "public."

The General Ass. of course adjourned Saturday night Sunday morning; more followup from Common Iowan, O. Kay, Gazette and The Underrated One. And Popular Progressive (thanks).

Fair Share will be back, says Bill Dotzler:
It may not be the most important change for labor, but it holds symbolism for union members, Dotzler said.

``It's deeply personal for those people who are working next to a (non-union) person who is free-riding,'' he said.

Lots of symbolism on the other side too; the GOP frame of "forced union membership" was still ahead as the clock ran out. But the end of an odd-year session is really only halftime.

Some election changes: the afore-mentioned machine stuff is more or less done now so folks can move on to other stuff like public finance, which Pam Jochum pledges to bring back. Some absentee changes that I'm still looking into... also the annoying courier law has been loosened just a little so that close relatives can bring in a ballot.

I'd planned to study the session more closely but instead the incredible good weather led me to investigate the status of area bike trails. Would like to do further research today but duty calls.

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