Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Mayor's Bike Ride

Mayor's Bike Ride

Iowa City's Bikin' Mayor (see, he even has a sash so it must be official) Ross Wilburn led 200 cyclists Wednesday on Bike To Work Week's annual Mayor's Bike Ride.

In brief bullhorn remarks before bikers left the Chauncey Swan ramp across from City Hall, Wilburn told the crowd that he hopes to see as many people at meetings when biking issues come before local government.

Representing from the campaign trail were:

The Edwards campaign, a Richardson staffer, and...

Team Obama. County Supervisor Rod Sullivan said he'd ride with the Obama crew if "they slowed down to my speed." Also spotted with an Obama sticker was Coralville council member Tom Gill; Supervisor Terrence Neuzil was with the Edwards camp. Regenia Bailey from the Iowa City council stopped by, but she was Farmer's Market shopping rather than biking.

These folks teamed up on the ride, but they were outdone by...

this three man crew. (I think the guy in back was slacking.)

A rare Iowa City sight: cars waiting for bikes! We had police escorts both in cars and on bikes (which had to be more pleasant duty than patrolling the Ped Mall for errant skateboarders).

The low point of the ride was the hight point of the ride: the crest of the hill on Foster Road on the Peninsula. Just about everyone made it; photography gave me a nice excuse for a brief rest at the crest. (Most bikers kept a relaxed pace; my own ride was a bizarre, photography-driven mix of sprints and stops.)

Senator Joe Bolkcom at the top of the hill. Before the ride he told the crowd that cycles have an important role to play in fighting climate change.

It was all downhill from there, which if you're biking is a good thing. Past the dog park and...

across the Iowa River Power Company bike and foot bridge into Coralville.

At the end of the ride at Coralville's New Pioneer Co-Op, music and free bike fuel. No miles per gallon info available.

The last word: A little hello to our four wheeled friends.

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