Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Coral Ridge Mall And I Are OK Now

Coral Ridge Mall And I Are OK Now

Got a courteous email today from Monica Nadeau, general manager of the Coral Ridge Mall, about the little problem I had. Just in case you were awaiting the outcome of this drama -- the mall drama, not the Harry Potter book -- here's the important part:

Shoppers ARE allowed to take pictures at the mall, just not pictures of the storefronts as they are copyrighted. The officers who approached you misunderstood the camera policy and incorrectly enforced it.

I enjoyed the photo you posted as it represents the fact that Harry Potter fans can’t wait just one more minute to read the book!

Well, actually, the photo turned out lousy, but:

I apologize for the hassles you encountered and hope you will continue shopping Coral Ridge Mall.

Hey, I'm OK with that. End of story and thanks.

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