Friday, July 20, 2007

Harry Potter Liveblog

Harry Potter Liveblog

11:04 -- 56 minutes to go. I'm crouched on the floor of the Coralville Barnes and Noble dressed as a middle aged Harry Potter. And you though the raspberry beret was silly. Since I have the green eyes and a scar on my forehead, I had to go as Harry. Hope I survive. (The scar is actually from my cats, but just for tonight I'm telling folks Voldemort did it.

The wifi here is $3.99 for two hours so I took pics first. Based on the numbered wristbands there's about 500 people here.

A few others are childlike adults like me, but the majority are mid to late teens, Generation Potter. Makes the picture snapping a little awkward, as I am after all a middle aged man here by myself. Fortunately I've only run into one person who actually knows me.

The younger fans are listening to a reading from "Order Of The Phoenix." My two little guys couldn't make it tonight, but they're dead ringer Dracos. Their mom could do a decent Rita Skeeter.

The only Ginny Weasleys I've seen (above, with Moaning Myrtle) are actually Ginny-aged.

Professer Trelawney is predicting massive sales tonight -- her third ever accuate prophecy.

Tonks is hoping that the hook-up with Remus Lupin works out.

Here's one the `shippers never predicted: Luna Lovegood and a young Dumbledore?

My prep for Zero Hour was way too elaborate for a grownup. A late afternoon nap, strong coffee (the line for that potion is long), and a quick re-read of the last thee chapters of Half-Blood Prince.

I arrived just after 10:00 and I'm #85 in the Blue Line (non-reserved), which puts me in the 500s overall. I showed up at the sam etime two years ago and was in the 200s.

11:25 and 35 minutes to go. The crowd is both older and younger than two year ago and I just figured out why. Generation Potter is two years older and more of them are old enough to drive -- therefore, less parents.

11:32 and badges abound. S.P.E.W. is popular -- are the elves going to be important? I also spotted a FREE STAN SHUNPIKE. And a few more folks have recognized me. I promise, I'll get a photo of me up soon.

11:42 and as promised:

Don't look now but a dementor is sneaking up on me. EXPECTO PATRONUM! (thanks to Jeff Fields for the pic)

11:52. The bookstore staff is starting to count down the minutes, and the holders of the low numbered wristbands have been herded into line. The folks who got their numbers and left have now come back. One of the staff said over 800 had entered the store, so it's hard to move around.

They're running two check outs on opposite ends of the store. The spply of glow in the dark Harry glasses has run out. There's several Trelawneys here, a few Patil twins, a couple Lunas, and lots of assorted generic Gryffindors. But I'm definitely the only middle aged Harry.

The conventional media has arrived.

THE MAGIC MOMENT (ha) is here. A New Year's Eve style countdown went up and as everyone cheered, Barnes and Noble's Harry lookalike held up Deathly Hallows over his head, then quickly vanished (presumably to read of his fate).

The crowd then surged, in a polite and numerical fashion, to six registers. Loud loud hubub, and someone shouts: "I'm so excited, I'm gonna read who dies."

12:37. Things are subsiding. Numbers 401-450 are being called to the registers. The pre-sells go to at least 500, then we get to the slacker non-pre-sells like me. I'm number 85 of that, and they go to at least 150... it's cooling off in here, too, 800 bodies generate a lot of heat.

I'm a little sad that after some time tomorrow, the story will be over for me. But with two new little guys in my life, who love the movies but are a little young for the books, I'll have another go around.

I expect the book is about twenty minutes or so from my hands. I've seen a couple spoilers but managed to mentally block them, discounting them by questioning the accuracy. Still, it seemed things were leakier this time than two years ago. Number 551-600 just called at 12:47. I'm going to sign off before I roll over into another two hours of paid wifi.

The coffee is ready at home. Expect light posting if any Saturday.

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