Monday, July 16, 2007

Monday Meow Mix: McCain as Schiavo

Monday Meow Mix: McCain as Schiavo

The cats are demanding breakfast. Here's some tidbits:

  • Ron Gunzburger hits the McCain coffin nail on the head:
    The McCain campaign is essentially finished, but McCain must continue acting like a real candidate until January to qualify for the federal matching funds he needs to pay off the campaign debt and operating costs for the next few months.

    Vital organs and systems are shutting down -- McCain's strategy in the Hawkeye State seems to be reverting to his 2000 Screw Iowa strategy as he spent the weekend in New Hampshire.

    So terminal, on life support, with no hope for recovery. Much like GOP cause celebre Terri Schiavo was.

  • More likely to survive: Sam Brownback or Mike Huckabee. But not both. The QC Times looks at this rivalry on the right:
    Conservatives can choose between the red meat served by Brownback and the balanced meal served by Huckabee. Each man hopes to emerge in Iowa as the top alternative to Mitt Romney, the candidate who leads in polls and fundraising.

  • Register has a twofer on the GOP and immigration: a story on how the issue is driving the race and a handy dandy chart on the candidates.

  • Mike Mauro and Jamie Fitzgerald tell the Register we've got too many special elections and legislation's needed. The Reg gets the headline mixed up, calls Mauro "state auditor."

  • In Iowa City, Obama supporters caucus for ice cream in a caucus practice session.

  • And alongside the Butter Cow at the state fair: Harry Butter?
    Harry Potter has something else to boast about: He will be cast in butter for the world famous Iowa State Fair.

    Butter sculptor Sarah Pratt said giving Potter a place of honor next to the fair's famed butter cow inside the Agriculture Building's refrigerated glass case was a no-brainer.

    Yeah, you might say that.
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