Friday, July 13, 2007

My Trash, Your Treasure

My Trash, Your Treasure: The Deeth Rummage Sale!

On Monday it really hit me that I have to move across town in three weeks. Fortunately I'd given myself a motivating factor. My downstairs neighbor Cherry Muhanji decided to throw a rummage sale and somehow or other I went in on it too.

In assessing my possessions, I realized that the only material possessions I own that I had at the time of my divorce are the bulk of my CD collection and two of my four cats. Everything else, including my clothing, has been replaced. Unfortunately, as a chronic junk shopper, I've accumulated a lot of stuff in four years. So I figured I'd get rid of it the same way I got most of it: sell it dirt cheap then take the rest to Goodwill.

So come see the junk I want to unload, and either give me money or laugh at me. Or at least vote in my poll:

Should I liveblog the rummage sale?
I'll give ya two bucks for the owl lamp
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422 Brown Street, Iowa City (the famous/infamous Black's Gaslight Village)
Saturday 8:00 - 2:00
Sunday Noon - 4:00

This must be one of those local language things. For some reason I've always called it "rummage" sale or, more accurately, "junk" sale, though no seller ever uses this marketing-poor term. Some places it's "garage" sale (I don't have one). Others it's a yard sale. In my college town of Eau Claire, WI it was a "thrift" sale, a phrase I've never heard anywhere else, and they started on Thursdays. I've heard "tag" sale too.

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