Thursday, August 09, 2007

Choosing My Battles

Choosing My Battles

I'm happily settling into my new home with my partner, the boys, and the Furry Four. All is well, and compromises are happening. I have a certain amount of adjusting to do after 4 1/2 years of living alone. The boys are learning that sometimes I'm working even if I'm home, I'm not running quite as many Linux boxes just for alien detecting purposes now that we're paying an electric bill, and the rummage sales disposed of some, but not all, of the excessive owl collection.

But I need the help of the readers on a couple issues.

My dear has lived in the People's Republic before and is generally of progressive mind and spirit. But she picked up two cringe-worthy bad habits in her time away: shopping at Wal-Mart is convenient so she does, and recycling is not so she doesn't. I have successfully shunned Wally World for over a year, and back at Bohemian Paradise I was recycling cardboard as small as jello boxes and TP rolls.

I want to be persuasive, but these are big changes all at once. So, with Koni's full consent, we put it to you.

Which battle should I pick?
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Also if anyone's got a good lawnmower cheap, that'd be great. And if you're sending me snail mail, the PO box is closed.

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