Friday, August 31, 2007

Disappointing Culver Comment

Disappointing Culver Comment

In a prepared statement, he said: "While some Iowans may disagree on this issue, I personally believe marriage is between a man and a woman.

The Guv went on with some "rule of law and respect for the judicial process" lip service, but leading with the same frame, with the same wording, as Christopher Rants? What a letdown:

I guarantee you, there's going to be a vote. One way or another, people are going to have to pick a side, you can't be on the fence," Rants said. "You either believe marriage is between a man and a woman or you don't and we'll find out."

Update: While Mike Gronstal didn't exactly dance in the streets, he at least used a Democratic frame on the issue:
"Today's civil-rights ruling by Judge Robert Hanson is another step in what is expected to be a lengthy legal process. The prudent approach would be for the Legislature to await an expected appeal and subsequent ruling by the Iowa Supreme Court before taking any steps in reaction to this decision."

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