Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Johnson County Cyclist Found Guilty in Assault Case

Donald Baxter, a cyclist from University Heights, was found guilty of assault Tuesday in a Jan. 8 bike vs. car confrontation.  Iowa Independent covered this story last week.

In a statement to supporters, Baxter said:

I feel a bit like I was just struck on the side of the head several times with a windshield scraper. The Washingtons continually changed the details of their story to make it more plausible. It seemed to me that every time they did this they lost further credibility. I felt we made our case sufficiently at trial and the State's case seemed weak and poorly presented. And yet, the jury still found me guilty.

There was evidence admitted in my case that I felt was not pertinent to the case--my HIV status. There was also some evidence that was denied at trial. This might make it possible for me to appeal this verdict. It might not be financially possible, or even wise for me to do this. But if an appeal is possible, and realistic, I'll appeal.

In my opinion, this verdict leaves us all, as not only pedestrians and cyclists, but anyone who chooses to confront someone who is doing something illegal or unsafe, as less secure.

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