Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Wyoming GOP Moves Caucus to Jan. 5

Wyoming GOP Moves Conventions to Jan. 5

A new player in caucus date leapfrog, as the AP reports least-populated state Wyoming is moving its Republican county conventions to Saturday, Jan. 5.  And with a slap at Iowa's traditional phrase:

"We're first in the nation," said Tom Sansonetti, the state party's 2008 county convention coordinator. "At least for the next couple, three weeks until New Hampshire and Iowa move, which I expect they will."

The Republican National Committee has already moved to sanction Wyoming.  Will this stand?  If it does, that'll be the last straw that pushes Iowa into calendar 2007. 

And, not to be paranoid, but you can't help but wonder if Wyoming's own Dick Cheney have anything to do with this.  You know, the guy who headed up George W's vice presidential search committee -- and picked himself?

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