Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Longest Lame Duck Ever

Longest Lame Duck Ever

Suffering from writer's block this AM and all I have for you is national clippings. Here's a John Murtha gem:
House Appropriations Defense subcommittee Chairman John Murtha (D-Pa.) said Monday that he expects that Republican lawmakers will begin abandoning President Bush’s Iraq policy after the GOP picks a presidential candidate next year.

“As soon as the primaries are over, you’ll see Republicans start jumping ship,” Murtha said in remarks at the National Press Club.

The earliest nomination in modern times lengthens the lame duck tenure. Once the GOP has a nominee, in about five months, Bush becomes increasingly irrelevant. Except for, well, his power to send more troops, nuke Iran and stuff.

Also, Hillary running to the right of most everyone on Israel:
One sentence from the Hillary Clinton press release of September 10 stands out. (Curiously, the the statement is not up on Clinton's campaign website.) In staking out her position on "Standing with Israel against terrorism," Hillary Clinton defends Israel's right to exist with "... an undivided Jerusalem as its capital."

So, candidate Hillary Clinton is running to the right, not only of former President Bill Clinton, but also of the centrist Israeli Government. In fact, Hillary Clinton's press release says nothing at all about a two-state solution, about a Palestinian state, or even a peace process. (Palestinians do, though, exist as terrorists and/or as promoters of incitement).

And Mitt wishes you a great Gay Pride Weekend in this image file. (Offer expires 2002.)

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