Sunday, December 30, 2007

Iowa Bloggers Get WashPo Shoutout

Iowa Bloggers Get WashPo Shoutout

We bad, we nationwide: Several Iowa Bloggers get a mention in this Washington Post piece from this AM.

Congrats to my Iowa Indy colleagues, Bleeding Heartland, Century of the Common Iowan, and Iowa True Blue on the left, and The Real Sporer and Cyclones Conservatives on the right. Quite a few others deserve a mention, but I'm not going to compound things by naming more names and thus omitting even more. Instead, let's all turn up the ZZ Top in celebration.

Here's the kind of push an uncommitted caucus goer gets five days before the caucuses. My contacts yesterday:

  • Saw in person: Edwards, Richardson

  • Mail: Biden (two cards, one each for me and Koni), Clinton, Dodd, Edwards, Obama (three mailers: two for past residents of my address and one for me)

  • Phone: Edwards (robo and human), Dodd, Clinton (both human)
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