Sunday, December 23, 2007

Wayne Ford Endorsement Gives Obama Legislative Lead

Wayne Ford Endorsement Gives Obama Legislative Lead

With Sunday's endorsement from Rep. Wayne Ford of Des Moines, Barack Obama takes the lead in endorsements from Iowa Legislators with 20 to Hillary Clinton's 19.

Clinton still leads the Iowa Senate with 10, while Joe Biden has the most House endorsements with 14.

Rumors had abounded that Ford was planning to endorse Clinton immediately after the Dec. 1 Brown and Black Forum in Des Moines, but on Dec. 4 Ford issued a non-endorsement, saying, "In my opinion, none of the candidates aggressively dealt with the problems in the urban communities."  In Sunday's Obama press release, Ford said Obama will be "a President who can successfully expand economic opportunity and access to affordable housing for every American - including those who live in urban communities."

The release also noted that Ford's endorsement gives Obama support from all four of Iowa's African-American legislators.

In addition to Ford, Obama recently picked up support from Council Bluffs Rep. Paul Shomshor, while Biden added Reps. Eric Palmer of Grinnell and Dennis Cohoon of Burlington.

Only 14 of the 83 Democratic legislators remain uncommitted, including House Speaker Pat Murphy and Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal (whose family members are backing Clinton.)


NameDistrictHome CountyEndorsement2004 Endorsement
Sen. Herman C. QuirmbachSenate District 23StoryBidennone
Sen. Dr. Joe M. SengSenate District 43ScottBidennone
Rep. McKinley BaileyHouse District 9HamiltonBidennew
Rep. Doris KelleyHouse District 20Black HawkBidennew
Rep. Roger ThomasHouse District 24ClaytonBidenKerry
Rep. Polly BuktaHouse District 26ClintonBidenDean
Rep. Dick TaylorHouse District 33LinnBidenKerry
Rep. Lisa HeddensHouse District 46StoryBidenKerry
Rep. Bruce HunterHouse District 62PolkBidenDean
Rep. Kevin McCarthyHouse District 67PolkBidenLieberman
Rep. Jim LykamHouse District 85ScottBidennone
Rep. Mary GaskillHouse District 93WapelloBidenKerry
Rep. John WhitakerHouse District 90Van BurenBidenGephardt
Rep. Mike ReasonerHouse District 95UnionBidenLieberman
Rep. Eric PalmerHouse District 75MahaskaBidennew
Rep. Dennis CohoonHouse District 88Des MoinesBidenEdwards
Sen. William A. Dotzler, Jr.Senate District 11Black HawkClintonGephardt
Sen. Roger StewartSenate District 13JacksonClintonKerry
Sen. Michael ConnollySenate District 14DubuqueClintonKerry
Sen. Wally E. HornSenate District 17LinnClintonnone
Sen. Rob HoggSenate District 19LinnClintonnone
Sen. Dennis H. BlackSenate District 21JasperClintonKerry
Sen. Dick L. DeardenSenate District 34PolkClintonGephardt
Sen. Staci AppelSenate District 37WarrenClintonnew
Sen. Becky SchmitzSenate District 45JeffersonClintonnew
Sen. Gene FraiseSenate District 46LeeClintonnone
Rep. Roger WendtHouse District 2WoodburyClintonKerry
Rep. Mark KuhnHouse District 14FloydClintonGephardt
Rep. Todd TaylorHouse District 34LinnClintonnone
Rep. Swati DandekarHouse District 36LinnClintonKerry
Rep. Paul BellHouse District 41JasperClintonKerry
Rep. Beth Wessel-KroeschellHouse District 45StoryClintonnew
Rep. Mary MascherHouse District 77JohnsonClintonKerry
Rep. Vicki LensingHouse District 78JohnsonClintonnone
Rep. Cindy WincklerHouse District 86ScottClintonDean
Sen. Jeff DanielsonSenate District 10Black HawkDoddnew
Sen. Tom HancockSenate District 16DubuqueDoddnew
Rep. Ray ZirkelbachHouse District 31JonesDoddnew
Rep. Bob KressigHouse District 19Black HawkEdwardsnew
Sen. Daryl BeallSenate District 25WebsterEdwardsDean
Sen. Keith A. KreimanSenate District 47DavisEdwardsEdwards
Rep. Wes WhiteadHouse District 1WoodburyEdwardsGephardt
Rep. Andrew WentheHouse District 18FayetteEdwardsnew
Rep. Ro FoegeHouse District 29LinnEdwardsEdwards
Rep. Art StaedHouse District 37LinnEdwardsnew
Rep. Geri HuserHouse District 42PolkEdwardsEdwards
Rep. Nathan ReichertHouse District 80MuscatineEdwardsnew
Rep. Kurt SwaimHouse District 94DavisEdwardsEdwards
Sen. Steve WarnstadtSenate District 1WoodburyObamaKerry
Sen. Rich OliveSenate District 5StoryObamanew
Sen. Bill HeckrothSenate District 9BremerObamanew
Sen. Robert E. DvorskySenate District 15JohnsonObamaGephardt
Sen. Tom RiellySenate District 38MahaskaObamanew
Sen. Joe BolkcomSenate District 39JohnsonObamaDean
Sen. Frank WoodSenate District 42ScottObamanew
Rep. Brian QuirkHouse District 15ChickasawObamaKerry
Rep. Deborah BerryHouse District 22Black HawkObamaKerry
Rep. Pam JochumHouse District 27DubuqueObamaKerry
Rep. David JacobyHouse District 30JohnsonObamaKerry
Rep. Tyler OlsonHouse District 38LinnObamanew
Rep. Mark SmithHouse District 43MarshallObamaKerry
Rep. Donovan OlsonHouse District 48BooneObamaKerry
Rep. Helen MillerHouse District 49WebsterObamaGephardt
Rep. Janet PetersenHouse District 64PolkObamaKerry
Rep. Ako Abdul-SamadHouse District 66PolkObamanew
Rep. Elesha GaymanHouse District 84ScottObamanew
Rep. Wayne FordHouse District 65PolkObamaEdwards
Rep. Paul ShomshorHouse District 100PottawattamieObamaLieberman
Rep. Marcella FrevertHouse District 7Palo AltoRichardsonDean
Sen. John P. "Jack" KibbieSenate District 4Palo Alto Kerry
Sen. Amanda RaganSenate District 7Cerro Gordo none
Sen. Brian SchoenjahnSenate District 12Fayette new
Sen. Matt McCoySenate District 31Polk Kerry
Sen. Jack HatchSenate District 33Polk Kerry
Sen. Thomas G. CourtneySenate District 44Des Moines Gephardt
Sen. Michael E. GronstalSenate District 50Pottawattamie none
Rep. Dolores MertzHouse District 8Kossuth none
Rep. Tom SchuellerHouse District 25Jackson new
Rep. Pat MurphyHouse District 28Dubuque none
Rep. Jo OldsonHouse District 61Polk Kerry
Rep. Rick OlsonHouse District 68Polk new
Rep. Mark DavittHouse District 74Warren Kerry
Rep. Philip L. WiseHouse District 92Lee Lieberman

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