Friday, January 25, 2008

Blatant Retaliation

Blatant Retaliation

The neo-prohibitionists won't give up. Side by side Press-Citizen stories: a campaign finance report indicating the Student Health Initiative Taskforce took in $10,000, and an effort to close Bloc21 leader Mike Porter's bar One Eyes Jake's for "fire code violations."

Blatant retaliation here, Council. The people of Iowa City -- ALL the people, including the students who drive this town's economy and make us more than a run of the mill dead county seat town -- voted, and your precious 21 bar ordinance LOST.

The underage drinking "problem" is a matter of definition, not behavior. The Legislature's in session, Council. You should be up in that lobby every. single. day. telling the legislators to shove the federal highway money and to give us a drinking age law that is both enforceable and consistent with the principle that you're an adult at 18.

Oh, but that'll get it into the schools? Too bad. That's the school's problem. The age of majority is 18, and sometimes principles need to outweigh so-called pragmatism. (Maybe kids should graduate at 17 like I did.)

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