Thursday, January 31, 2008

Must See TV

Must See TV

  • Tonight's one on one Hillary vs. Barack debate is the Thrilla in Manila we've been waiting for. With five days to go before Überdienstag, and a whole day's news cycle lost to the Super Bowl (it still hurts to talk about it), one You're No Jack Kennedy moment could settle the whole ball game.

  • Ja, remember that AHnold for Obama rumor? Oh well whatever nevermind. Der Governator has gotten on the leaving the station McCain train.

  • Iowa hater Kos takes his shots at us, but even he's mad at Florida, and at Hillary for claiming "victory":
    There's no doubt that the primary system is broken. There's no doubt that the Iowa and New Hampshire monopoly needs to end, and that an equitable system needs to be devised to give all states an equal chance of leading the pack. I even think it's bullshit that Florida and Michigan had their delegates stripped. But those two states knew exactly what would happen if they broke the DNC's rules. And as stupid as those rules might've been, they were the rules. So it's lame to now whine about the penalties they knew they'd suffer if they didn't keep to the officially sanctioned calendar.

  • And more Iowa bashing in the New York Daily News, in reacting to Chuck Grassley's remark that ROOOdy never caught on here thanks to his "New York personality." Noo Yawkers gotta problem wid dat:
    Ultra-New Yorker Curtis Sliwa showed in his comments why Grassley would be wise to think twice before insulting New Yorkers again.

    "I've seen Grassley before," the Guardian Angels founder said. "He wears polyester, waffle-weave, flame-retardant pants that look like they survived the high waters.

    "He wants us to come there and drink ethanol, block the hogs and promise farm subsidies and pander ... What does he know? There are more pigs than people [in Iowa]. Iowa is not a reflection of America."

    Sliwa, of course, is well known for his choice of headwear:

    Granted, Chuck Grassley embraces the hayseed act enthusuastically. Politico picks up on it and memorably calls Grassley "the butthead from Butler County. Huh huh, huh.

    But Rudy's flameout once again shows the failure of the Screw Iowa strategy.
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