Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Obama, Paul win Coffee Bean Caucus

Obama, Paul win Coffee Bean Caucus

Barack Obama and Ron Paul were the two winners in the Hamburg Inn's Coffee Bean Caucus, held at the politically famous Iowa City diner.

Hamburg Inn patrons could vote as many times as they visited the diner by dropping a coffee bean into their candidate's jar.  The Coffee Bean Caucus was featured on TV's "The West Wing" in 2005.  Results were announced this morning on a live CNN broadcast from the Hamburg Inn.

Several candidates, including Obama, Joe Biden, Chris Dodd, John Edwards, John McCain, Mitt Romney, and Green candidate Cynthia McKinney, visited the Hamburg Inn in 2007.  Former president Bill Clinton also stopped by.

The votes leaned strongly Democratic in liberal Iowa City.  Obama had nearly a two to one lead over second place Democrat Hillary Clinton, who in turn held nearly a two to one lead over Edwards.  On the GOP side, Paul's lead was strong but less overwhelming over Mitt Romney.

Democratic Republican 
Barack Obama *1733Ron Paul132
Hillary Clinton 830Mitt Romney *87
John Edwards *445Rudy Guiliani71
Dennis Kucinich 291Mike Huckabee 70
Bill Richardson 276John McCain *46
Joe Biden *176Fred Thompson46
Chris Dodd *79Duncan Hunter5
Mike Gravel0  
Cynthia McKinney (Green) * 36Undecided 215

* Visited Hamburg Inn, 2007

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