Wednesday, February 06, 2008

It's All A Blur: Song 2

It's All A Blur: Song 2

Better known as: WOO HOO!

A few more hours, a load more data to absorb. The delegate count still depends on who you talk to, but the road ahead is clearing up. A good Kos diary spells out the Obama advantage up until Texas and Ohio on March 4. (The side bar that day: will Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich survive their House primaries?)

The Money Primary still matters as well. Obama's reporting on-line fundraising of $5 million and counting today, while Clinton's come up with $5 million -- in the form of a personal loan to her own campaign. (at least she's getting a better return on investment than the Mitt's million dollars a delegate.) In the long haul, Obama's got deeper netroots to tap at $50 a shot, while Clinton has more maxed out $2300 donors. And the ripple effect: "the first sacrifice will likely be that she'll take time off from the campaign trail to go back to personally fundraising on the coasts." There's also reports that some Clinton staff are foregoing salary.

Could be a lot worse, though. For example, where was the Mitt today?
Romney had no public appearances Wednesday and said nothing to reporters who awaited his arrival at campaign headquarters, other than "Got some good sleep last night." He departed about five hours later, without comment.

While inside, Romney huddled with top advisers, including his wife, Ann; brother, Scott; eldest son Tagg and campaign manager, Beth Myers, while also delivering what Fehrnstrom described as a "pep talk" to his staff that produced cheers and applause audible to reporters waiting outside the building.

Romney also worked on a speech he was delivering Thursday to the Conservative Political Action Conference meeting in Washington.

And who said McCain “will make Cheney look like Gandhi”? On the surface, you might be surprised, but if you really know the guy, you won't be.

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