Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Idaho Weirdness

Idaho Weirdness and Nicknames

The Idaho filing deadline just passed and it looks like we'll finally be rid of un-resigned senator Larry "Wide Stance" Craig. But he may -- OK, slim chance -- be replaced by Marvin "Pro-Life" Richardson. Actually, no: Mr. Richardson legally changed his name to Pro-Life. That's it. Pro-Life with hyphen. This may drive the New York Times style editors crazy; will they call him Mr. Life?

Of course, no one will ever top Byron Low Tax Looper, the guy who whacked his opponent.

In other Idaho weirdness, one candidate lists his address as Desert Hot Springs, California. "The most unusual GOP primary hopeful is California realtor and frequent candidate Hal Styles Jr. -- who has never set foot in the state -- but said he plans to move to Idaho within the next six weeks."

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