Monday, March 24, 2008

Monday Clips

Monday Clips

  • "Clinton probably has to win North Carolina’s May 6 primary to fight on with a real chance" -- but "John Edwards is unlikely to endorse either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton before the nomination is decided."

  • Ron Paul seems to have ruled out a Libertarian run, but watch for Bob Barr. The former Georgia congressman (redistricted out of office in `02) and Clinton 42 impeachment prosecutor switched his registration to Libertarian a couple years back, and Ron Gunzburger at Politics1 reports that he's looking at a Libertarian run, and it sounds like it's with Paul's tacit blessing. As I have to do every time I mention Barr, note that he was born in Iowa City while dad was attending Iowa Pre-Flight during WWII.

  • Massive writer's block over the weekend while I dealt with Easter and plans for the Smallest Farm. The Bunny arrived and ate all his carrots. (You know how you leave cookies for Santa? We leave carrots for the bunny. He only likes the GOOD kind with the green tops, like Bunny Rabbit used to eat on Captain Kangaroo. This meant stopping at three stores before I got lucky at Coralville New Pi.) As for the garden, peas should be in the ground this week.

  • Grandfatherhood must show: for the first time in my life I was asked if I wanted the senior citizen discount. I was so bemused that I blew my chance to save some $.
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