Monday, March 17, 2008

Spring Break

No Spring Break In Real Life

It's a shame there's no spring break in real life, but while the boys are home all week, I'm off to the office. I never did understand how students could afford the week long road trip; the most exciting place I ever went over spring break was North Dakota for a speech tournament.

After the 13 hour marathon of the Johnson County Democratic convention (which gave me my highest traffic Saturday ever), I was pretty apolitical yesterday. The big story of Saturday seemed to be "Obama gains from Edwards" but that didn't play out at all in my county where the numbers were virtually unchanged from January 3. The national press also frames it as "Obama gains delegates" when in fact Iowa does not elect any national delegates until the congressional district conventions.

My big project yesterday was planning work on the Smallest Farm In Iowa, which this year will no longer claim the title of smallest. The snow has mostly melted off the three tilled patches of the football field sized back yard, and peas and salad goodies should be in the ground in a couple weeks.

Grandson and mom are home from the hospital. And while Butter is irreplacable, Xavier The Cat With Bad Behavior is working to fill his old job of getting in the way of the computer while I'm writing.

Here's a couple links for you:

  • Poblano at Kos has a great "Six kinds of voters" diary that inadvertently makes the case for instant runoff voting.

  • Iowa House candidate Nate Willems has a front page MyDD diary.
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