Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday Delayed Linkfest

Monday Delayed Linkfest

Ran out of time this morning; better late than never.

  • Common Iowan has reports from the 1st and 4th District conventions. Comments indicate that the Edwards-Hillry deal in the 4th was contingent on the Edwardians election one of the Hillary people as the national delegate... which would defeat the purpose. An Iowa Independent comment confirms that the Obama-Edwards deal did in fact go down in the 5th. Any word on the 3rd?

  • Firedoglake argues that Michigan should be punished by not seating... the SUPERdelegates, who are the ones whose fault the whole mess is anyway. I can just see Carl Levin sputtering.

  • Nosi neighbor time: Press-Citizen salary survey is now online.
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