Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Grassley: I'm Too Old For VP

Grassley: I'm Too Old For VP

“I’m too old to be vice president," Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley told Capitol Hill newspaper The Hill.

Grassley is 74; Republican presidential candidate John McCain is 71.

"But I am young enough to be reelected to the Senate," said Grassley, hinting at a run for a sixth Senate term in 2010.

The Hill asked all 97 senators who aren't running for president for their thoughts on the vice presidency and published the verbatim responses. Iowa Democrat Tom Harkin demurred on the vice presidency himself, saying his choice is Daily Show host John Stewart.

Other responses from senators Iowans may know well:

  • “I know already who it will be: the man in charge of the search” - Lamar Alexander

  • “I’m happy being called ‘Mr. Chairman’ ” - Joe Biden

  • “I can’t remember any time in my lifetime where I voted for a president because of the vice presidential nominee” - Sam Brownback

  • “Never say no. You always have to give it some thought. It depends who asks you, too” -- Chris Dodd

  • “I haven’t considered it. I don’t have a clue, honestly” - John Kerry

    But the funniest answer came from Republican Larry "Wide Stance" Craig, leaving office this year under the cloud of a sex scandal. His response? “I would say ‘No, Hillary.’”
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