Friday, June 20, 2008

Harkin Building Blue Vote Extended

Harkin Building Blue Vote Extended

Remember, back before the flood, Tom Harkin's Building Blue contest? That's been extended.

Folks who want to give Harkin their email address and give a state legislative candidate $5000 more of Harkin's money now have until June 30 to vote.

The finalists, each of whom have already been designated for $2000 from Harkin, are, on the Senate side:

  • Incumbents Jeff Danielson, Tom Reilly, and majority leader Mike Gronstal;
  • House member Swati Dandekar, running in an open Senate seat; and
  • Challenger Sharon Savage.

    House finalists are:

  • Incumbents Elesha Gayman, Eric Palmer, Mark Smith and Andrew Wenthe; and
  • Open seat candidate Gretchen Lawyer.
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