Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Iowa City Flood Blog: County Offices At Risk

Guess What We Did At Work Today

The Johnson County Administration Building may be at risk from rising floodwaters if Tuesday's Army Corps of Engineers flood estimates hold, the county's facilities manager told the Board of Supervisors Wednesday. The Administration Building was sandbagged, except for the main entrance, by midday Wednesday.

(Long time readers, of course, know that's where my day job is located.)

Facilities Manager David Kempf said if Corps projections hold, flood waters may reach the building by late Saturday. The ambulance department, a storage facility, and an annex that houses the Veterans Affairs office, called the Fisher Building locally, are also at risk.

The egalitarian sandbagging crew ranged from elected officials to part-time employees. Between shovels of sand during the sandbagging, Board Chair Rod Sullivan said Kempf would notify him if the building became inaccessible due to floodwaters, and the Board would then consider an emergency Sunday meeting to make further decisions.

Conservation Director Harry Graves and Assistant Planning and Zoning Administrator R.J. Moore shovel sand, while minute taker Megan Grant holds the bag.

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