Friday, June 13, 2008

Iowa City Participatory Flood Photo Blog

Iowa City Participatory Flood Blog

Waters are entering the north doorway of the Iowa Memorial Union on the University of Iowa campus as of 5:00 Friday afternoon, and massive preparations for higher waters are evident all over lower campus. Here's Friday the 13th's Iowa City flood pictures:

Hubdred of students in a massive sandbag brigade line at the Main Library.

Elevation markers are painted all along North Madison Street on campus. This mountain is at the south end of the IMU.

"Lets get the whole Danforth Chapel in the shot," I say to myself out loud. "While you still can," says another photographer.

The Burlington Street dam is barely a speed bump under the rising waters.

North Riverside Drive by the fine arts campus, impassable.

Benton Street bridge near my house. Compare to this shot from Tuesday.

Here's the participatory part:

There's a load of sand in my driveway, and the landlord is bringing folks over to bag tomorrow. I suspect I'll be safe -- County Physical Plant Director David Kempf says the jail should be OK at 654 feet, and I'm at 656. As for work:

These folks are fishing in the parking lot at the Johnson County Administration Building. Employees (including me) spent the morning lifting stuff off floors and hauling essential equipment out to the Secondary Roads shop.

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