Saturday, June 14, 2008

Iowa City Quiet Except For Sandbagging

Iowa City, UI Quiet Except For Sandbagging

The University of Iowa fine arts campus, seen from atop the north parking ramp.

On a perfect summer Saturday afternoon in Iowa City, the streets are mostly free from traffic. Pedestrians and bikes outnumber cars. Little seems to be going on -- except sandbagging.

There's a lot of that.

With water in the IMU, the focus of bagging has moved to the Lindquist Center home of the University's information services. Hundreds of volunteers were helping, and expected to finish before 5 p.m.

Bags protecting the area between the main library and the Becker communication studies building.

From across the river, Hancher looks like it's still dry.

Note how much the water has risen at the north end of the IMU since yesterday.

Debris piles up against the Park Road Bridge. Can't tell if the big item is a dumpster or a shed. Except for the crown of the bridge, the deck is under water.

Pumping water at the west end of the Burlington Street Bridge. It's one of two still open. Benton Street is the other, two blocks from my house. But while I expected my street to look like the Coralville Strip on a football Saturday, it's actually quieter than normal. Iowa City has been through this before, and people seem to be well prepared and hunkered down.

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