Friday, June 27, 2008

Iowa Top Pickup Chance

Iowa: Number One Dem Pickup Chance

So says the Washington Post:
The emergence of Obama and the centrality of the Hawkeye State to the launching of his candidacy has turned the state into the best pickup opportunity in the country for Democrats this fall. The massive amount of money Obama spent to identify, organize and turnout voters in advance of the Jan. 3 caucuses looks like a good long term investment heading into the general election. In neither of McCain's presidential primary bids did he run an active campaign in Iowa -- a major disadvantage in the fall.

That's at the top of a countdown format list. More lists:

  • Congressional Quarterly lists some upcoming hot House primaries.

  • NPR's Ken Rudin lists the one-term wonders of the Republican Class of `94. Winners like Militia Steve Stockman, Andrea Seastrand, and Michael "Not Dan Rostenkowski" Flanagan.

    Also, my morning "no drama" headline doesn't mesh with the AP take. I'm not quoting or linking here, but their version of the Big Story is, roughly, Cool Reception For Chet. We'll see... tune in all day and all night tomorrow for the 18 hour or so liveblog.
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