Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Smallest Farm

Smallest Farm Post-Flood

With Mom now a regular reader, I need to throw in more human being posts in and amongst the politics. The Smallest Farm is beginning to look like an actual Iowa corn field.

We've way surpassed knee high well before the 4th of July, though that's an archaic benchmark anyway. The purple on my knee is not a giant bruise, it's mulberries. We've got several trees in the yard and way more berries than we can eat. (Best on vanilla ice cream.)

The grape tomatoes are about full size, just waiting to get red.

The flood waters never approached. In fact, we've now gone nine days with no rain, and on Sunday when I took these, I had to water. The rain barrel was nice and full from pre-flood.

Pole beans have climbed to the top of the fence; rabbits got a few lower leaves but the beans are winning. The sunflowers, though, may be a lost cause.

The first baby eggplant. Eggplant is tough, but the trick is to plant it in the middle of catnip...

...the most popular crop.


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