Thursday, July 24, 2008

Baby's First Fair

Baby's First Fair

This is, of course, the REALLY important fair story.

My daughter and I have been to the county fair almost every year since she was four, and this year the tradition moves on to the next generation.

There's an excessive cute factor here. Not naming any names, but some people wanted to pick him up and not give him back.

I'm noticing people with babies more now. See, I never really had a baby in my life -- I met my daughter when she was three and my sons when they were four and six. So the baby thing is new for me. I thought we'd be the only people humping a stroller through the cow barn, but babies were everywhere.

People with babies always check out all the other babies and strike up conversations with all the other parents or grandparents. But as they walk away, you can just feel them thinking: "Mine's cuter." And they are, of course, wrong.

Elias isn't quite sure about the piggies yet. He's only four months old so he probably doesn't know yet that he's an Iowan...

but he does know how to hold the bottle.

Mama's beads look like a fun toy.

Grandpa, of course, had to stage this highly partisan shot. I didn't see any elephants.

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