Monday, July 14, 2008

bigger than the smallest farm

Bigger than the Smallest

Desmoinesdem claims to have a smaller garden, so while I may not claim the title of Smallest Farm in Iowa, that's still its name.

Sunflowers have recovered from the rabbits and are now bigger than the boys, who are also growing in the backyard.

Ethan has to quality inspect the pepper plants.

This is the Big Picture of the north garden.

Two of the three eggplant are productive so far.

Starting to see red...

Bee balm is like catnip for bees. This may be the single best photograph I've ever taken of anything.

The south garden is starting to like like an Iowa cornfield. The vining squashes and pumpkins are sprawling bigger than I had expected, though. The big failure is the watermelon -- it started slower than the pumpkins and is losing the race.

It won't be long now...

Here's a spaghetti squash just a couple days from ready.

A future giant pumpkin.

A sample of harvest: one very large zucchini, an eight ball squash, a cuke, and what's probably the last radish. Also a coffee stain on the counter.

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