Monday, July 28, 2008

Fall Filing Begins

Fall Filing Begins

The filing period for third party and independent candidates trying to qualify for the Nov. 4 ballot begins Monday, and at least two independent congressional candidates could make the cut.

The filing period runs through August 15, which is also the deadline for Democrats and Republicans to file some of the 36 uncontested races for the Iowa legislature.

In the 4th Congressional District, third place Democratic primary finisher William Meyer appears to be moving ahead with an independent campaign, and newcomer Brian White is planning a run in the 2nd Congressional District.

On the presidential level, Iowa usually sees about eight candidates on the ballot, though a whopping 14 qualified in 1992. Green Party activist Holly Hart was working the Ped Mall of downtown Iowa City Saturday night, and said she thinks the Greens will gather the 1,500 signatures needed to get nominee Cynthia McKinney on the ballot.

Libertarian Bob Barr and independent Ralph Nader are also likely to qualify. Nader and McKinney are expected to draw votes away from Barack Obama, while Barr is expected to take votes from John McCain.

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