Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Obama Donors Not Giving to Clinton

Obama Donors Not Giving it up for Hillary

The clips of the day:

  • Obama gets all Cosby on Atlanta kids:
    Obama said he knows some young men think they can't find a job unless they are a really good basketball player.

    "Which most of you brothas are not," Obama, who played basketball in high school, a sport he continues to play to this day, said jokingly.

    Brothas? Fo shizzle! I don't have audio or video for it, so I can't hear the inflections. But this, and his reference to rapper Lil' Wayne, is one more example of how Obama can speak as no presidential candidate before him ever could. It's as much generational as racial, because what sounds natural from Obama might sound ridiculous from John Lewis or John Conyers or Charlie Rangel.

  • Obama is having less success getting his people to give Hillary $$$:
    Obama has asked his top donors to help raise money for her debt, and so far they have come up with less than $100,000 (though more in pledges), Clinton campaign officials said — a “paltry sum,” in the words of one.

    Some of the replies are unprintable, given the coarse language, the donor said. A sampling of others included:

    “Why would I help pay off debts that Hillary amassed simply to keep damaging Sen. Obama?”

    “Gas prices are up, the markets are in turmoil, my kid’s fall tuition bill is coming soon. Writing checks to politicians I don’t like is not at the top of my list.”

    “Not a penny for that woman. Or her husband. Or — god forbid — Mark Penn.”

  • He's having more luck raising money on his own over at Jay Rockefeller's house.

  • But he's not sure putting the kids on TV was the right thing. Still, they were adorable, especially when they were picking on Dad. And despite the pet owners against Obama flap, they've been promised a dog post-election.

    Which reminds me of Cats are Democrats, Dogs are Republicans.

    Meanwhile, we're still waiting for that Chelsea Clinton interview.

  • You're from the 60s: McCain plays the Hippie Card in an effort to run against George McGovern rather than Obama. Presidential campaigns have been refighting Vietnam since the Reagan era, nearly as long as the Republicans waved the bloody shirt after the Civil War. For the record, Obama was 13 when Saigon fell.

  • And one more hidden upside of high fuel prices: Jobs may be coming home from China.
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