Friday, August 08, 2008

Friday clips

Some Headlines You Just Gotta Click

"Thousands of bananas up for grabs after semi hits buffalo."

What else we got this morning:

  • I didn't lose it yesterday until I actually saw Favre holding up the Jets jersey. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Packer Blog takes it in stride and provides a handy-dandy quiz of Hall of Fame players who played out the string somewhere else. Try your skills or just scroll down and cheat. We cheeseheads survived seeing Reggie White in a Panthers uniform and my dad's generation lived through Forrest Gregg playing for the (shudder) Cowboys, so we'll get through this.

  • Jerome Armstrong jumps in the time machine and says if he could reverse one presidential election, it would be... 1972. Not to break Godwin's Law, but that reminds me of this piece on time travel. "Take it easy on the kid; everybody kills Hitler on their first trip."

  • Rasmussen: "Only nine percent of those who watch Fox News say they will vote for Obama." They probably dropped the remote between the couch cushions.

  • Got a few comments yesterday on that shot of Obama at Mount Rushmore. He's not going up there: "Park rangers say there is no room for another head and the addition would endanger the already fragile structure." The only way another leader gets on Rushmore is if he comes from planet Krypton and lasers himself, his evil henchman, and his evil henchwoman up there:

    Yes, General Zod himself has joined the campaign. He will save lives, beginning with your own. You gotta admit, KNEEL BEFORE ZOD! is a catchy slogan.
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