Friday, August 29, 2008



First thoughts:

  • Blatant play for the PUMA vote, but one way or another the white male club is broken on January 20.

  • Hurts the experience argument in a big big way: it's hard to argue Obama's not ready when your running mate was mayor of a small suburb two years ago. Kos is already calling her "Quayle Palin."

  • Shores him up with the base, who will hear a lot about the baby with Downs.

  • May also help him in the sagebrush states, but if they're worrying about the Rockies they're acknowledging they're in big trouble.

  • In a micro sense, does this help Ted Stevens and Don Young survive? It'll boost the GOP in Alaska, but Palin has always been verrrrry distant from the congressional delegation.

  • Mac really wanted Ridge or Joementum but couldn't sell it to the party; Romney was out after House-gate, and Pawlenty was too meh.
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