Friday, August 15, 2008

Republican Congressman Attacks 14 year old blogger

Republican Congressman Attacks 14 year old blogger

Because nothing is more dangerous than a teenager with broadband. Here's the rest. It's Virgil Goode, the same guy who pitched a fit about Keith Ellison and the Koran.

Just killing time this morning, waiting for the 5 p.m. filing deadline. Here's more clips:

  • Jackson Browne sues John McCain:

    The song, "Running on Empty," has been used by the Ohio Republican Party (not the McCain campaign) apparently against Browne's approval. The music icon also claims that in doing so, the false perception is created that he is endorsing McCain's candidacy.

    Technically, it's the Ohio state party using the song. But didn't anyone in the GOP catch the clue train and realize that if you look up "tree hugging liberal rock star" in the dictionary, there's a 35 year old picture of Jackson Browne there?

  • I've got a pet McCain=Dole theory, nominated eight years too late: "The Greek tragedy aspect of this election could turn out to be, George Bush defeats John McCain twice."

  • As veepstakes nears end game, the Wash Post gets all High Fidelity on us with two Top Five Lists of best and worst VP picks. Joementum is on one of the lists -- the wrong one.

  • What's the future of suburbia? There is none:
    The only subject under discussion about our energy predicament is how can we keep running all our cars by other means. Even the leading environmentalists talk of little else. We don’t get it. The Happy Motoring era is over. No combination of “alt” fuels will allow us to keep running the interstate highway system, Wal-Marts, and Walt Disney World.

    The automobile will be a diminishing presence in our lives, whether we like it or not.
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