Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Socialists Take Different Approach to Ballot Access

Socialists Take Different Approach to Ballot Access

The ninth and last presidential ticket to qualify for the Iowa ballot before last week's deadline used an obscure approach, Ballot Access News reports.

Most third parties qualify for Iowa's presidential ballot by getting 1,500 signatures. But the Socialists held a "party meeting" provision, and used it very loosely.

"Recently the Secretary of State ruled that the 250-person meeting requirement may be satisfied by holding a meeting at an outdoor location," writes Ballot Access News editor Richard Winger. "The Socialist Party set up its meeting at an outdoor spot on the campus of the University of Iowa. That spot had lots of pedestrian traffic. Persons walking by were asked to sign, and that person was considered an attendee."

"Good going on the homework and implementation for these folks," said Karen Kubby of Iowa City. Kubby is no longer active in the Iowa Socialist Party, but while she was, she served 11 years on the Iowa City council. "They deserve some attention for this, Kubby said. "I hope it doesn't result in Iowa tightening any definitions."

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