Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Barr Makes Open Pitch for Protest Vote

Libertarian Barr Makes Open Pitch for Protest Vote

From the in box, this speaks for itself:

It is now clear: John McCain cannot win the election.

There is not one reasonable poll suggesting that he has a chance. While Republicans have long dominated absentee ballot collections and early voting, this year, this is not the case.

So the next question America needs to ask is do we want the socialism and one-party corruption of an Obama administration, or the free-markets, low taxes, small government and more personal freedom of Bob Barr?

The contrast could not be more stark. Monday evening, on The Lehrer News Hour, Bob was clear on the issues. He offered a vision for our nation's economic future. He contrasted his views with those of his opponents and when it was over, it was clear that only Bob Barr has the courage and guts to take on our national problems and lead us for the next four years.

In the 13 days until the election, it is clear that momentum is gaining for this campaign.

For one, many Republican recognize that John McCain will lose. If they are principled conservatives they are beginning to ask what will become of their party in the future. The moderate to liberal wings are not saddened by a McCain defeat.

If a principled conservative wants to have his or her voice heard in both political parties, they should vote for Bob Barr. A vote for Barr will be counted as a protest against the Bush/McCain big spending policies.

Millions of Republicans are frustrated by the failures of the McCain campaign. We need to win their votes.

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