Wednesday, November 05, 2008

House and Senate Lists

Getting a Handle on the House (and Senate)

435 races is a lot to wrap your brain around. I can handle the 35 or so Senate races, that's easy: Dems picked up what they expected to win in NC, NH, VA, NM, CO. Just short in KY. Minnesota is recount tight and Georgia is runoff tight, and Oregon probably ain't gonna happen.

In Alaska, Ted Stevens probably wins and, refusing to leave willingly, gets expelled. Sarah Palin will have to win it to get it. She can't appoint herself. After Frank Murkowski appointed his daughter in 2002, Alaskans changed the law so it goes straight to a special election.

As for the house Kos has this good list and this good list and that good list and Politico has the Another One Bites The Dust list of the defeated. CQ has highlights in a nice narrative format.

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