Friday, November 14, 2008

Obama Resigns Senate Seat

Obama Resigns!

Republican dream come true? Nah. The Senate seat. As of Sunday Barack is officially unemployed (my Republican readers can insert their own punchlines) or at best a self-employed freelance writer like me.

All sorts of intrigue has long been underway in the special world that is Illinois Democratic politics. Jesse Jackson Jr. wants it bad; I get an email about every day from his list making the case.

  • But it's starting to look like Sarah Palin won't get that shot at a Senate race. Democrat Mark Begich has taken the lead, so it looks like the voters of Alaska kicked Ted Stevens out before his Senate colleagues could. Analysis of the ballots left to count from some blogger sittin' in his parents' basement in his pajamas shows advantage, Begich.

  • In New Hampshire, a GOP county treasurer gets knocked off by a college kid whose campaign consisted of 1) the D after her name and 2) $50 worth of Facebook ads. The incumbent showed lots of class:
    The current county treasurer, Carol Elliott, 68, called Ms. Sievers, 20, a “teenybopper” in an interview with a local newspaper, The Valley News, and said she had won only because “brainwashed college kids” had voted for the Democratic ticket.

    But Elliott neglected to blame some blogger sittin' in his parents' basement in his pajamas.
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